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MURDERS MOST FOUL: And the School Shooters in Our Midst

Murders Most Foul

What can parents do to help stop the carnage at schools and universities? 

Nikolas Cruz, the killer in the Parkland, Florida shootings, tipped off a friend about the carnage he was planning.

The friend told the FBI. And the FBI did nothing.

That’s ironic, to say the least. The most recent FBI guidelines for preventing school shootings actually emphasize that most shooters “leak” information about their plans, giving law enforcement an opportunity to step in before mayhem happens.

The FBI is actually right in emphasizing “leakage.” But, boy, were they wrong when they ignored their own guidelines and failed to take the leakage seriously.

In MURDERS MOST FOUL: And the School Shooters in Our Midst, science and psychology journalist Rebecca Coffey looks closely at the history of school shootings and culls data supporting the idea that the eyes and ears of parents and children for leakage may be schools’ best defense against slaughter. (This is assuming that law enforcement doesn’t mess up again.) Most school shooters tell someone before they take action! Often there really is a chance to stop the tragedy from happening.

Rebecca Coffey is a frequent contributor to Scientific American and Discover magazines, is a broadcasting commentator on Vermont Public Radio, and she blogs for Psychology Today. Coffey is also an award-winning video documentarian and the author of Unspeakable Truths and Happy Endings: Human Cruelty and the New Trauma Therapy, which received abundant praise and an Outstanding Academic Book award from the American Library Association’s Choice magazine.

Pub date: March 12, 2012. Vook, Inc.

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