An eBook "Short" about School and University Massacres

MMF in the Media

Murders Most Foul—Daybreak USA, IRN USA Radio with host Jay Young. March 20, 2012.

— The Karel Show, KGO, San Francisco with host Karel. April 8, 2012.

—WNYC’s “The Takeaway” (distributed by PRI) with hosts John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee. April 16, 2012.

Psychology Today blog, “Thoughts for the Fifth Anniversary of the Virginia Tech Massacre.” April 16, 2012.

—WPKN’s “A Miniature World” with hosts Binnie Klein and Rhea Hirshman. April 19, 2012.

Commentary on Vermont Public Radio, producer Betty Smith. April 24, 2012.

—Cited in Oakland Tribune story about Oikos University. April 24, 2012.

—The Rhett Palmer Show, WAXE radio, April 27, 2012.

—Cited in Megan Berry’s “The Rise of Just-In-Time Publishing,” April 24, 2012.

Issues Today with host Bob Gourley, syndicated nationally to about 175 radio stations. May 16, 2012.

—James Lowe (a/k/a “Jiggy Jaguary”), KGA Entertainment. June 11, 2012.

—Elizabeth Kelley’s “Celebrity Court,” Blog Talk Radio. June 27, 2012.

—The Maureen Langon Show, KGO San Francisco. July 22, 2012.

—The Bill Frank Show, KVTA, Ventura. August 5, 2012.

—Royce and Roger, WOAM, Peoria. September 6, 2012.

—Larry Mantle’s “AirTalk,” KPCC. December 14, 2012.

—WAMC’s “51 Percent” recorded December 19, 2012. Will air January 3, 2013.

—Fox News’s “Happening Now,” December 20, 2012.

Que Viva Indiana interview, January 2013.


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